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Musings and Fantasies

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Dreaming of Speyside Whiskies
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Rules of this journal:

1) This is my space. While I realize that LJ is a somewhat free forum, my journal is mine. I write what I want. Or don't write what I want. That simple. I've done the whole censorship thing. I've no intention of repeating it.

2) If you're looking for high school level drama, please look elsewhere. I'm 41. I have better things to do with my life.

3) I understand real life drama. I understand, and expect my friends to understand, that the world isn't perfect, and sometimes things get really insane. This is not the same as whining children.

4) I am responsible for what I say and do. I am not responsible for how you react. I am not responsible for what you say and do. Period. End of discussion.

About me:
(that is why you're looking here, isn't it? No? Oh, whatever)

My wife and I have been together for over sixteen years and enjoy our time together thoroughly.
I write, read, listen to music, and work as a dentist in my mundane life.
I don't mind beta reading (though beware my vat of red ink), nor do I mind dentally related questions, so long as you understand that I don't promise all the answers.
I am particular and snobbish about what I read. There is no rhyme or reason necessarily to what I will and will not read.
I vary my fandoms regularly for the most part, but some things stick around.
I am a very private person, so please don't be offended if I don't add you back.

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